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For Current Sting Players:

Step 1: Please log into your account at

Step 2: Click “Register for Event” for the player you wish to register.

Step 3: Use the Event ID “NTX7011”

Step 4: Answer to the prompted questions and payment that follow to complete registration.

For New Sting Players:

Step 1: Please create an account at

Step 2: Click “Add Player” to link your player to your account.

Step 3: Click “Register for Event” next to player’s name.

Step 4: Use the Event ID “NTX7011”

Step 5: Answer to the prompted questions and payment that follow to complete registration.


4 key things:

The “Stinger” which is a move involving what we like to call the “fake shot”. This will be the base of our moves throughout the entire program. It is simple but is the starting point for future moves. It can help with decision making, low-center of gravity, and changing direction!

Juggling…while you will never see super-stars juggling the length of the field, in a game, every super-star can juggle. This is encouraged because it can help with the development of a soft touch. To get a soft touch, we encourage touching a ball on your own. The easiest and best way to have a measurable is counting how many juggles. To progress to the next level, we ask that the players can do 5 juggles without the ball touching the ground!

Attendance…We can make players better if they are not here! This session requires 4 days of attendance!

1v1’s…The whole purpose of skill work is to develop a soft touch and to be able to, comfortably, take players on in a 1v1 setting. This is where we will be able to see if someone is ready to move up or if they need a little more time in their current level!


Things you can expect to see:

We believe that this environment should be slow to fast. So, you can expect to see a lot of slower movements, at the beginning stages. We want the players to get the proper movements down before going fast and doing the movements incorrectly.

Patience. Our coaches will be patient with the players through this process. We ask that you do the same!

Encouragement. We are encouraging these movements during the 1v1’s. We want the players to express themselves, on the field, without fear! Fear, usually comes from, adults…Coaches/Parents. We do not want any player to not try something out of fear!


DATES: 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, & 5/8.

WHO: Boys & Girls 2014-2017

TIMES: 7:00 – 8:00 pm


COST: $99